How to text John

This article is in english to easier adress my target group. I am using 2 messengers to talk to 3 different channels. First of all I am currently not and will never use any Whatsapp or any Skype derivates. This is impossible. But you can do texting me securely using facebook. If you want to do audio with me, we’ll have to use different application, but that’s no texting and therefore not adressed in this article.

Here’s a list of messengers I am not willing to use:

– Skype
– Whatsapp
– Blackberry
– icq/yahoo
– viber
– textsecure

Basically these messengers are not supported by me, because of thei’re proprietary or not secured or not do not comply to my moral/ethical mind or I’m not willing to support more platforms or I think using you cellphone ID is a pretty bad idea. Yes, indeed, I use one proprietary client (threema) to address mobile people, but I mainly prefer doing jabber with OTR by I do jabber chat also to facebook friends using OTR. OTR means off the record messaging and targets mainly „authentication“ – means I know that It’s you I’m talking to and second is uses rockstable encryption and in addition it is using perfect forward secrecy, so if anyone’s key got lost, our chats cannot be decrypted by third parties. As I’m not using Facebook messengers, keep in mind, I’ll not respond with emoticons that are facebook only and I don’t like them either.

My jabber adress is: „“

If you’d like to contact me, it’s the easiest way to do so using jabber. You’ll also reach my messengers by Facebook (if you’re in my facebook friends list) by now, so just use one of the chatclients I provide to you on your mobile or your desktop.

On your Mac desktop, you’ll need „Adium“, you get here: Link. Just activate OTR within Adium and you’re ready to go. On your Windows Desktop, you can use „Pidgin“, that is available here: Link. You’ll second need the OTR Plugin for Pidgin, that is available here: Link. You can setup both messengers to use XMPP together with Facebook or any Jabber server you’d like to use to reach By texting, just click the button to encrypt conversation.

If you’re an android or ios user, you can easily support OTR by using Chatsecure, that is available here: Link. Currently I do not know of any working good OTR solution for Windows Phone, so you’ll have to wait for threema is Windows Phone ready or you’ll have to use your desktop. If there’s one, please notify me that I can update this page.

If you’d like to doing mobile conversation only, you’ll be able to reach my main device with threema. You’ll find my threema ID on my twitter landing page: Link.

You’ll read german translation of this article by clicking this link.