@logitech support keeps customers away from buying. This is frustrating. (update 17.04.2016)

This text is written in English. I don’t like blogging in English, because of I’m no native speaker and my poor counts of 20k+/month readers are mostly german speaking. Maybe it is about my family name, that is quite common in Germany. In this case, I must admit, I do hope, that @logitech reads what is happening and fixes what needs to be fixed in german support immediately and second do fix the bug itself.

Update: 23.03.2016 Ana of Logitech Social Media Team came up with good news.
Update: 17.04.2016 Logitech fixes bug with 8.79.43 finally

I’m so glad, this bug has been fixed as for today. I’ll keep this online as a perfect example of remarkably bad support for an indeed very good product and software that is way better than it’s rival: Razer.

Logitech builds beautiful hardware. They do so because they can. I head over to logitech after several issues with „razer“, mainly because of their drivers. Now, this becomes an issue at logitech too. The good on the logitech side, they keep settings on the device itself and (!)not(!) anywhere in the cloud, second they install drivers only if needed, both things razer did in the past and now no longer does. Cloud is „something“ we don’t like.

I must admit, I’m no gamer. But using gaming hardware is mainly the only way, to get good peripheral hardware such as keyboards and mice. At this time, I’m using the G502 mouse, a perfect mouse that can change DPI on the fly and can be used on my wooden desk without any pad. It is perfect for using it in Lightroom, Photoshop and Final Cut Pro X. I had never used such a good device before. I second use a G710 keyboard (not the plus version as you see in the upcoming screenshot), that has Cherry MX Blue switches and has backlight. Cherry MX Blue switches are very loud but for a frequent writer and coder they are a must have because they are so fast to type on. I love Cherry MX Blue and I’d like to use no other than those keyboards. Using this keyboard it comes close to the original typing I felt on my old SGI or on the Model M of IBM. Yes, both devices are used for business purposes. I probably might not be the target group, logitech aims on by selling their „G“-series devices, but there is no dedicated line for business purposes for peripheral hardware from any manufacturer, I’ll have to deal with what I get.

By doing support on Active Directory and Exchange Server, you deal a lot of with Powershell. This is a technique, we got used to administrating Microsoft products. By talking to exchange, you type stuff like

and other special characters that differ from „|“, basically using TeamViewer at customer site w/o VPN access or RemoteDesktop at customer site w/ VPN access. If you SSH into any virtual machine, doing stuff with Ubuntu or Debian, it’s mainly the same. You cannot use „grep“ with „cat“ while missing characters for searching stuff within /var/log/mail.log.

If you pay about EUR 120,- for any hardware, you assume you get working drivers. I was wrong with this, because I had experience with Razer already. If you buy anything from logitech, you assume, software comes from Switzerland, but this is wrong also. Logitech Company is based in the US, as I now have noticed. I’m absolutely not dealing with any EU based company. 

So what’s the support issue?
Yes. I do have an issue with my G710 I – on the other hand – I do like very much. It is a very fast keyboard I love to type on. Let me explain the case. As I described before, I do need to type special characters. Also keyboards are different. US people type „QWERTY“, French people type „AZERTY“, us here over in Germany do type „QWERTZ“. This all works perfect, you can do this so far with those keyboards. But if it comes to special characters, this is something you can do, without using the logitech G Software. Immediately after installing, you can no longer do. This is, because of the codepage selector within the software falsely assumes, we are US people:

Bildschirmfoto 2016-03-21 um 15.02.49

If you do switch to Germany, It doesn’t work. Opening up the software again, it is again „US International“. Therefore, you are unable to use this kind of hardware from logitech together with a Mac Computer in Germany. You might think, the old sentence, for Americas companies „living outside the US is a feature“ comes true again. Mainly, this is sth. people think here over in „Old Europe“, e.g. people suffer by US-cloud pressure, change of Microsoft or being involved in TTIP/CETA issues, like me. This might be the common arrogance of US people. Maybe. Maybe it isn’t.

So what did I do?
I went over to support page of logitech, opened up an account and entered details. In the beginning, I wrote this:

15 days later, I got an answer by logitech:

This was the first frustrating I’ve got. This is basically this kind of general answer, people like me will stop buying products of those companies. In no way my issue has been read by the person that clicked the „solvecasebutton“. I immediately answered and asked, if everything is allright at logitech:

It is me, loosing my… But – however, there are pushbuttonmonkeys, at this time, just two hours later, I got the following „info“ by logitech:

Again, the same message I got before. I felt being ripped of, so I no longer typed in friendly, but

Knowing, this would’t come to any solution. I thought about how funny it would be, to ring them. So I did. And they could reproduce the issue:

I felt, oh my god, somebody is doing something. But I was wrong again. They knew they had an issue, but they won’t fix it, because it is a „Product Feedback“:

A Product feedback??? Really? Living outside the US is a feature? So here it comes again, the old sentence we all know of dealing with US-Products: Living outside the US is a feature.

I deinstalled drivers. It is not easy, but you can get back to your original configuration. If you once configured your mouse, you won’t need any logitech software, to change DPI on the fly. Yes, for sure, if you do use FCPX, you might want to use the G1 to G6 button for common tasks in FCPX as intended, but you won’t because of you now know installing logitech G-software harm’s your ability using special characters. You’ll no longer be able to help your customers except asking them pressing button X or Y while using Teamviewer.

One month later, logitech updated their software from „8.60.313“ to „8.78.133“. Guess what? The issue remains unfixed because of Logitech Support declared living outside the US is a feature. I did twitter @logitech, but all they did is adding case info to german speaking support. Nothing more. Nothing has changed.

I opened a case to give info to them that issue in ticket 01564543 for 8.60.313 remains unfixed in the 8.78.133 software. I got an answer:

Basically, the answer means – „please try fixing by installing 8.78.133“ – wich I told them before does not fix the issue.

How would you feel? How would you behave? Would you still use logitech products? Declaring a bug as „product feedback“ is nothing else than: „Go, live with it. I won’t tell the developers.“ I start thinking about „placing“ all my logitech product into trashcan, because of failure by support. But then there comes something I do hate. I don’t like standard keyboards by apple, I don’t like the „magic“ or whatever mouse and I do love the G502 mouse, because of it is perfect! Even on a Mac.

For this time, I know: „Living outside the US is an unwanted feature“. Or: Logitech of Americas doesn’t know what is happening at their support crew for Germany. I assume, yes, there might be a high count of people that are not eligible to ring support, maybe even too dumb to use a computer, but if you get a clear message from anyone describing a bug, you have to react.

The consequences: In this case, you feel the same like in Nadella’s Microsoft turnaround: 100% profit, less quality, no support. Yes, logitech seems to be no longer „Switzerland“. The support quality is as bad as it can be. It is horrible. By reading those answers I’ve got, you can probably understand. As a decision maker for larger infrastructure projects, I’ll keep that in mind always. I’m like an elephant.

Update 23.03.2016

Today I have an incoming message from Ana, working with the social media team of Logitech. And: She came up with the only good answer you can give in such cases:

This is the right answer and the answer I can deal with perfectly. I know the developers know about. They will fix it. Anyway, it looks like Social Media team again fixes what’s going wrong at support. Support does sell Products. Decision makers should keep that in mind.

I click on „close case“.

Thank you, Ana. I’m OK with that.

Update 17.04.2016
Bug has been fixed. I can now use any character again with my G710. The codepage selector works as expected. In Logitech just kept a simple note „Bug fixes“ on their Readme Text for 8.79.43 as for April 14:

Bildschirmfoto 2016-04-17 um 13.02.50

I am now able to change to german layout as expected:
Bildschirmfoto 2016-04-17 um 12.58.36
As well as characters being typed do work as expected. Logitech provides also new features for my beloved G502 Proteus Core mouse within that firmware update.

Conclusion: The developers didn’t know. They fixed immediately after they were made aware of. This is a perfect example, how bad support can destroy a good product. Logitech needs to fix support, not product itself. It is almost impossible to improve software written by human people and hardware as they both are near to perfect and reliable also after one year of usage. Social media did help again to solve what product support wasn’t able to.

I’d like to again thank Ana of social media team of Logitech.