#Apple #tvOS17 / #mirroring #black #screen (unsolved)

Apparently there might be (again) a problem with AppleTV and Airplay mirroring . In this context, a black screen will be displayed on AppleTV (real AppleTV, no LG WebOS, ProWise, etc) when mirroring, while the audio transmission works.

I would be very happy if you write me if you have already had the problem and know a solution. While searching the internet, I found out, this issue is not only relevant in tvOS 17 lately, but was already, in the past with other tvOS versions, please find links at the end of this post as an example.


  • AppleTV is connected via ethernet
    • AWDL is disabled
  • ATV upstream is fully usable (has internet, can download/ stream content)
    • raop + airplay being correctly mdns-advertised
  • ATV is mdm provisioned
    • ATV is configured as conference display
  • User is in WiFi
    • has full usable internet
    • sees AppleTV (Multicast / Bonjour working)
  • time is syncronous
  • ATV has been updated to tvOS 17 lately via MDM

In this scenario, I see the following behaviour in some locations

  • User sees ATV in enumerated list
  • User cann enter pin , means
    • Airgroup/Bonjour/mdns features are OK
  • User cannot mirror display (via screen mirror / control center)
    • ATV-screen goes black, while
    • audio/sound sound being played
      • this – for me – means routing from user to ATV is OK
  • User can however pass playback Video from Youtube APP to ATV

Here you go with some community links describing the same issue:

A solution or a short link to a solving article without enabling AWDL would help very much.

Thank you!